Maybe all any of us wants is to feel singled out for some long, sweet, quenching draft of love, some open-throated guzzling of it...    -  Mary Karr from Lit

The truth is we all are.

We all have a story to tell, and there are different versions of it.  I can tell the version of my story as an immigrant, third-culture kid navigating life in America.  Another  version could be centered around race, another around gender and education.  Five years ago, as I was coming out of a very dark time,  I began to see a version of my story that was simply this: I am loved and have always been.  As I've grown to understand goodness and grace, I find that that is the version that is the most compelling and full of freedom. 

This photoshoot was done in a garden.  I love the romance and mystery that a garden embodies. I'm reminded of Song of Songs,  where the Beloved is described as a garden for her Lover. 

Dear lover and friend, you're a secret garden, a private and pure fountain. Body and soul, you are paradise...

  Photography by Clarita Castro Photography

Dress by Rachel Comey from Myth & Symbol

Necklaces by Monica Haff Designs

Rings: Assorted

Makeup by Me (Mue - Beauty By Design)