We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. - Goethe

On a beautiful Sunday evening earlier this September, I held a launch and birthday party.  A diverse group of friends, most dressed in white, gathered at 13 Celsius to celebrate the launch of The Mue Life and Mue Beauty, my new role as a beauty columnist for The Houston Inner Looper Newspaper  and my turning thirty-six (I can hardly believe it, and I'm loving it!). There was so much to celebrate! 

During my 13 years in Houston, I have found friends in different pockets of this amazing city.  Most of were able to attend the party, and as they mingled, and the sound of voices in conversation, laughter and the aroma of food and wine grew and filled the space, I felt overwhelmed by goodness.  These people are gifts to me.  Five years ago, when I resigned from my general surgery residency, I began a quest to discover what I was created to do.  I learned to live from my heart, learned to trust in deeper ways, and experienced the joy that comes from sharing the process.  I can't even begin to describe the talent and wealth of wisdom and personal bravery that was in the room that night! Each one is a gem and it's an honor to count them as friends. 

A special thank you to 13 Celsius for hosting us and to Matthew Oakes for his amazing work on this blog and Mue Beauty.  Thank you to Nib & Pixel for the gorgeous watercolor calligraphy that brought my logo to life, and to Clarita Castro Photography for capturing the evening.  Lastly, thank you  to all my family and friends, those who made it and who couldn't--our shared conversations, stories and prayers made this possible. I love you all!